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OUR STORY - SETUNEA Natural Olive Oil Soap

Introducing a high quality product to an increasingly health conscious market

SETUNEA was born out of a musing of how well a centuries old olive oil soap recipe could meet the modern consumer's growing demand for organic products. Today more and more people are beginning to fully appreciate the benefits of all natural ingredients and the impact they can have on their quality of life.

Located deep in the spiritual heart of the Levant, nestled between Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal , Nablus is home to an olive oil soap industry that dates back almost a millennium. At up to 900 metres above sea level the olive trees grow in just the right climate for cultivating olives, and olive oil has long been a core part of the local heritage. Historically olive oil had four main uses throughout the region. It was a key source of nutrition, a natural skin treatment, a cleanser and a source of light as it was used in oil lamps. It was even used as a currency between merchants in this once thriving commercial hub. The value of this liquid gold as Homer called it continues to resonate to this day, as its extensive nutritional and health benefits are being rediscovered and explored in greater depth. As far as its earliest known use as a soap is concerned, there are examples of local women mixing olive oil with lye ash to bathe and to wash their clothes as early as 1000 AD.

Where only a few decades ago there were over 40 local olive oil soap manufacturers, today only three remain. SETUNEA soaps are produced by a family business that has continually produced olive oil soap since 1611. They have survived ever changing times and have built on centuries of soap making experience to perfect their recipe while continuing to sustainably produce the highest quality soaps.

We were very curious to see how their Handmade soap would be received half way around the world by a health conscientious market. It certainly ticked a lot of boxes in that it was organic and vegan friendly, it was produced from high quality, high concentration extra-virgin olive oil and had no added chemicals. And perhaps just as important were the powerful moisturising qualities inherent in olive oil.

Our first interaction with customers was at a natural products exhibition in London in summer 2018. Our stand featured a sink where visitors could try out the Handmade soap for themselves. Our very first customer was a young lady who had been searching for an all natural, chemical free soap. She tried the soap and really liked it. She initially wanted to wander around the exhibition for a while and have a think before buying, and less than 20 minutes later she was back at our stand with a big smile on her face saying that because her hands felt so soft and she liked the gentle smell so much, she had made up her mind and so she bought SETUNEA's first ever bar of soap. A very exciting moment for her and for us. Later on a family with a 10 year old daughter who was struggling with eczema were frustrated with the lack of results from her current skincare products. We pointed out that the olive oil in the soap nourishes the skin and strengthens it so that when used in conjunction with her eczema medication it would make it more effective. After trying it and giving it some thought they bought her a bar of soap. Another very happy moment, and we're confident that she will go on to see much improved results.

The response from everyone else who tried the soap throughout the exhibition was also overwhelmingly positive.

So the next step is for us to make our soap available to a wider audience, especially to everyone actively searching for a healthy natural skin product that works well for them. Our website is a great platform to learn about the key benefits of our soap and to get the chance to order your own to try for yourself. We offer free UK delivery on all orders.

Thank you for visiting, and we wish you all healthy and beautiful skin.