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YOUR SKIN - SETUNEA Natural Olive Oil Soap

Why your skin loves olive oil

Soap made from cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil has all kinds of benefits for your skin and hair.


Olive oil contains antioxidants such as Vitamin E and polyphenols. Any irritants or free radicals occurring in the skin when it is exposed to airborne particles, UV light or other sources of damage to the skin can cause premature ageing. The antioxidants in olive oil are highly effective at minimising the presence of free radicals and lowering their negative impact on the skin.


Dehydration is a key contributing factor to oily skin, and can also exacerbate any prevailing skin conditions. Dry skin results in overproduction of sebum leaving the skin with a greasy feeling. One of the most powerful properties of olive oil is that after cleaning the skin it works to keep the its moisture levels regulated, so your skin won't dry out and will maintain its balanced moisture levels.


Olive oil penetrates deep into your skin, making it softer and more permeable, and preventing your pores from clogging allowing your skin to breath


Wounds, rashes, scars. Any type of inflammation your skin might experience can be brought under control with olive oil. We all suffer from the occasional flare up or skin irritation from time to time. When you use olive oil soap regularly the severity of the inflammation and its longevity will be significantly reduced, meaning you won't feel it as much and your skin will be back to normal very quickly.

Response to treatment

Regular use of olive oil soap will nourish your skin and make it healthier. This is important when managing any skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, because nourished and strengthened skin is more responsive to treatment and makes it more effective.


In addition to the excellent cleansing properties of the soap, olive oil also has very effective antibacterial properties, which is essential to keeping your skin clear and is essential to keeping any breakouts such as acne under control.


Daily use of olive oil results in beautiful shiny hair and smooth, healthy looking skin 


Olive oil soap nourishes all skin types and is suitable for all ages including newborns. It is also used as a full body soap, resulting in softer skin from head to toe.

  • Hair - Works to soften the scalp and reduce conditions such as dandruff
  • Nails - promotes nail growth
  • Cuticles - keeps cuticles moist so they don't dry up and crack
  • Makeup remover - Gently binds to makeup and other oil-based products