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FAQS - SETUNEA Natural Olive Oil Soap

Everything you ever wanted to know about SETUNEA

Q - How are SETUNEA soaps different from other soaps I've tried?

A - The main features of SETUNEA soaps are

  • 80% olive oil. This is the highest concentration and the closest to using actual olive oil as a natural moisturiser.

  • Cold-pressed organic extra virgin olive oil. This is the finest grade of olive oil and is packed with nutrients and polyphenol antioxidants.

  • Free from synthetic ingredients. Nourishes your skin and can be used with a wide range of other skin regimens and treatments.

  • Long lasting. Each bar is dried and cured for approximately 5 months before it is packaged.

Q - Is your Handmade soap suitable for vegans?

A - Yes. It contains only three natural organic ingredients - olive oil, food grade lye (soda) and water.

Q - Won't olive oil make my skin even more oily?

A - While it sounds counter-intuitive, olive oil is actually one of the most effective agents you can use to manage oily skin, which is more often than not caused by dehydration. Dryness causes the skin to overproduce sebum - a natural oily substance - in order to prevent further dehydration. Olive oil, an excellent natural moisturiser, penetrates deep within the skin helping it to retain the moisture and to maintain a natural balance. With olive oil soap you get all the moisturising and nourishing benefits of olive oil and none of the oily residue.

Q - Is your soap organic?

A - Yes. The olives, which are rain fed and hand picked, are organically farmed, the olive oil is cold-pressed without the use of any chemicals, and the soap producer is Ecocert certified.

Q - I find that using a bar of soap generally tends to dry out my skin. Will the same happen with your soap?

A - No. With all bars of soap, you'll initially feel your skin tighten after washing. The difference with SETUNEA soap is that the olive oil will start to moisturise it, leaving your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Q - Can I use your soap to wash my hair?

A - Yes. Olive oil soap is very gentle and is suitable for washing a wide range of hair types. As well as naturally moisturising your hair, it helps soften the scalp and nourish the roots leaving your hair feeling and looking its best.

Q - Is your soap sustainably produced?

A - Yes. All ingredients are sourced locally and the olive oil soap industry is an important employer and investor in the local economy. The olive oil is also sourced mainly from family run farms, and because SETUNEA soaps use extra virgin olive oil it means the farmer and the olive oil press can command premium prices for their products. Additionally, unlike palm oil which is produced from the tree itself, olive oil is produced from the fruits of the tree, and is therefore a highly sustainable oil. Finally, our packaging is made entirely from recyclable paper-based materials.

Q - Do you deliver outside the UK?

A - Yes. Please fill out the contact form or email us with a description of your order and where you’d like it delivered and we’ll let you know the delivery cost and estimated shipping time.

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